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Welcome to Keane Ingram's technology website powered by Drupal. This site is where I write about various technology-related items such as new hardware and software, as well as share my experiences whilst using these items. It's a place where I can learn about the Drupal CMS in a live environment.

Raspberry Pi available for pre-order today!

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After a long wait, it's now possible to pre-order the Raspberry Pi mini-computer. The main website has been changed to a static page due to heavy traffic.

Raspberry Pi logo

The available model is the B model, which includes an Ethernet port and 2 USB ports. The price is US$35 which at the moment is around £22. The current places where you can pre-order are Premier Farnell and RS Components.

Angry Birds Space to be released on 22nd March

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The latest in the series of Angry Birds games will be released on 22nd March. Titled Angry Birds Space, the game will (unsurprisingly!) be set in space, with things like zero gravity and slow motion coming into play.

Angry Birds Space logo

The game will be launched in partnership with NASA and National Geographic. A teaser trailer has been released (see below) which doesn't give any further information but more trailers will be released in the run to launch day.

Firefox 10.0.1 update now available

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It's only been a matter of days since the big update to Firefox 10 was released, but already here comes version 10.0.1. The new release fixes a few critical issues, including a startup crash and a Java issue causing text fields to hang.

The update should be received by all Firefox 10 users, or it can be downloaded from the Mozilla website.

Raspberry Pi computers available by the end of February

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The Raspberry Pi, a credit-card sized computer that is being produced in order to encourage children to learn to program a computer, has seen it's shipping date revised to the end of February. This is due to the charity behind it moving production to China where it can be made for much less.

The Model A variant will be available to buy for $25 and the Model B variant will be $35. The Model B has 256MB of RAM rather than the 128MB that the Model A has, and also features an Ethernet port and two USB ports rather than one. You'll need a power lead (micro USB), an HDMI cable for video out, an SD card and a keyboard and you're ready to go! I'm very tempted to buy one of these to have a play with it. I hope it is successful in encouraging children to develop, I would have loved one of these when I was younger.

Firefox 10 now available

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The latest release version of the Firefox browser, version 10, is now available for download from the Firefox website.

Firefox 10 About Screen

Version 10 includes the following fixes and improvements:

  • The forward button is hidden until after you navigate back.
  • Most add-ons are compatible with new versions of Firefox by default.
  • Anti-aliasing for WebGL has been implemented.
  • CSS3 3D Transforms have been implemented.
  • Several HTML5 and Developer improvements have been implemented.

O2 sending phone number to websites via headers

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Users on the O2 network who make use of the data network to visit websites will be interested to learn that their phone number is sent as part of the HTTP header. This has been discovered by @lewispeckover. He has set up a website which when visited shows all of the header information that is sent by your device/network to the website. Apparently O2 users will see a line in the header showing their phone number.

This is pretty bad from a privacy perspective - users on the O2 network who visit websites will be easily identifiable from their phone number. Not every website will log this information but it is possible to do so. I'm on T-Mobile and am not seeing this thankfully.

SOPA protests on many websites including Wikipedia

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Today has been chosen as a day of protest for many websites who wish to protest against two bills being considered by the US, Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and PROTECT IP Act (PIPA). These two acts would give authorities the power to seize domains without due process, which could effectively lead to sites being blacked out. To show their support, many sites are also blacking out to show how things may be under SOPA/PIPA. The highest profile site to do this is Wikipedia:

Wikipedia SOPA message

Other sites taking part include Reddit and imgur. Google also have a doodle on their US site showing the logo blacked out:

Google SOPA message

Another site showing their support is TheOatmeal, as suggested I am pirating their gif!

TheOatmeal SOPA message

Hopefully these protests will lead the US authorities to realise that their proposed acts will be a big mistake and could cause major damage to the Internet as we know it.

Razer announce Project Fiona, a gaming tablet

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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is currently running in Las Vegas, and one of the more interesting devices unveiled this year is Project Fiona, a gaming tablet with controls attached either side of the screen. Games can be controlled either by using the controls, the touch screen or by accelerometers.

Whilst this seems an interesting idea, my hands are aching just looking at this, and wondering how on earth it can be comfortable to hold for any length of time. No release date has been announced but Razer say that developer units will be available soon.

WordPress 3.3.1 update now available

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The latest incremental update to the WordPress blogging platform has been released. Version 3.3.1 is now available and fixes 15 bugs from 3.3, and also provides a fix for cross-site scripting vulnerabilities.

To update, log into your WordPress Dashboard, and click the update link at the top:

WordPress 3.3.1 update link

Firefox 9.0.1 quickly released after bug found in Firefox 9

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A bug has been found in Firefox 9 which has led Mozilla to push out an update just a day after the initial release. Firefox 9.0.1 is now available from the Mozilla Firefox website.

Details of the bug can be found at Bugzilla. It appears that the bug most likely wouldn't affect Windows users, but the decision was taken to make this new release for the following reasons:

  • We were living with 702813 for most of the life of Firefox 9, and that the backout in 708572 has actually gotten less testing
  • New crash signatures (Windows even) have been found which are related to 711794, although none yet are significant or startup crashers
  • We are uncertain about the number of sites affected by 702813
  • We are uncertain about whether or not we 100% fixed 702813 with the backout in 708572
  • The population of Windows users who have already updated to 9.0 is small (in the low millions)
  • There is tracking/analysis benefit of having all desktop platforms on the same Firefox version
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