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Welcome to Keane Ingram's technology website powered by Drupal. This site is where I write about various technology-related items such as new hardware and software, as well as share my experiences whilst using these items. It's a place where I can learn about the Drupal CMS in a live environment.


Originally, I set up this site in order to learn about maintaining a Drupal installation - however, due to a lack of time all I've really learned is how to set it up and add a few plugins to add basic functionality. Due to the said lack of time, this isn't really something that is high on my list of priorities, so I'm going to archive the site and use it for something else - probably a site to track my cycling ambitions.

My plan is that I'll set up WordPress on here, but keep the Drupal installation so that older articles are still accessible, but I have to look into how to achieve this without Google giving loads of 404 errors for missing pages - I'm hoping I can find a WordPress plugin that will handle 404 errors and route them to try and find the requested page on the Drupal installation. When time allows I'll set all of this up on my microserver and see how it all goes.

Lack of updates

I've not updated the site for a few weeks due to lack of time - I have some other ideas for the site but may also return to writing weekly tech articles, we'll have to see what time allows!

Android v4.3 finally available for Samsung Galaxy S3

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After a very long wait, Samsung has finally released the version 4.3 firmware for the Galaxy S3 in the UK. After an earlier release in Ireland led to some bugs, the UK release seems to have been delayed slightly while some fixes have been made. The update is currently availabe via Kies or over the air (although there is currently a queue for the OTA update), but users can also get the firmware from places such as SamMobile.

Given how long it has taken for 4.3 to arrive, it doesn't look good for KitKat (v4.4) arriving any time soon - chances are I'll have a new phone before it comes out on the S3!

Grace Hopper honoured by today's Google Doodle

Today's Google Doodle celebrates what would have been the 107th birthday of the renowned computer scientist Grace Hopper. Hopper, who was a Rear Admiral in the US Navy, created the terms 'bug' and 'debugging' used when developing software, developed the first compiler and was instrumental in the creation of COBOL.

Grace Hopper Google Doodle

The doodle shows an animation of Hopper entering some COBOL with the answer being printed out, followed shortly by a moth flying out - the previously mentioned 'bug'.

Most of today's computer science would not be possible without Hopper's work, so today's doodle is well deserved.

USB plugs will be reversible in the future

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Anyone who owns a device with a micro USB port will know the feeling of trying to insert the plug, trying it round the other way, then finding out you had it correct the first time. Newer Apple devices have solved this by having the reversible Lightning connector, but thankfully this will also be coming for USB connectors soon. The new connector is the Type-C connector and the specification is expected to be finalised by the middle of next year.

Type-C connectors should be a similar size to the existing micro USB connectors, but will be reversible and offer the possibility of faster charging and data transfers. I look forward to this becoming the new standard for mobile devices!

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas coming to mobile devices next month

Rockstar Games have announced that the biggest GTA game of the PS2 era, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, will be released for mobile devices next month. Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Kindle Fire owners will be able to control CJ in his attempts to control San Andreas. The game has been remastered and will feature brand new touch controls.

GTA: San Andreas

It seems amazing that mobile phones are now more powerful than the PS2 and games such as these can be played on the move! I would not have got anything done if I'd had this kind of gaming portability ten years ago!

Humble Mobile Bundle 3 for Android devices out now!

The latest Humble Bundle is out, and this one is aimed at Android device owners again (which is good, because I have an Android!) As per usual, pay what you want and you'll get 4 games, or 6 games if you beat the average!

The current games available are:

  • rymdkapsel
  • SpellTower
  • Swordigo (making it's Android debut)
  • Ridiculous Fishing (beat the average)
  • Kingdom Rush (beat the average)

The retail price of all six games is around $16-$17, but right now you can get all six for around $5, which is great value if you wanted just one of these games. Personally I'd always wanted to try rymdkapsel, but was put off by the price - now I've got six games for the same price!

Check out the video below for more information about the games. The bundle is available for two weeks but the price is likely to go up, so if you're interested best to buy now!

Don't miss the Humble WB Games Bundle - now featuring 10 games!

The current Humble Bundle is the Humble WB Games Bundle, which features an amazing 9 games (if you beat the average), worth at least $225 if bought separately, plus several DLC packs. The bundle features games from WB Games (well duh) and many of them are critically acclaimed. There is also the option to donate some of the money to the We Can Be Heroes charity.

The featured games are:

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum
  • F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin
  • F.E.A.R. 3
  • Lord of the Rings: War in the North

Plus, if you beat the average (currently $4.70):

  • Scribblenauts Unlimited
  • Batman: Arkham City
  • F.E.A.R.
  • Mortal Kombat Arcade Collection
  • Guardians of Middle Earth

The games are only available for Windows (via Steam). It's only available for another 5 days so I'd strongly recommend getting it as soon as possible! Check out the video below:

Twitter raises share price ahead of IPO

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As expected, Twitter have increased the price of their shares ahead of Thursday's IPO. The shares will sell for $23-$25, with the price to be finalised on Wednesday. Apparently the demand for shares in Twitter has been so high that the offer has been ended a day early.

This share price means the value of the company is estimated at $13.6 billion - not bad considering that in the first half of 2013, Twitter had revenues of $254 million, with a net loss of $69 million. 70 million shares in the company will be sold via the NYSE - unlike Facebook, who listed their shares on the Nasdaq and endured trading difficulties.

So far it seems that Twitter are not making the same mistakes that Facebook did ahead of their IPO, when the share price dropped immediately after trading started. Only time will tell but so far they seem to be doing things the correct way.

Samsung found guilty of faking online comments

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In a story that sadly doesn't elicit much surprise these days, Samsung have been found to have used hired writers and employees to post in Taiwanese forums. Here, they would post messages praising Samsung products and leave negative comments about Samsung's competitors.

Unsurprisingly, Taiwan's Fair Trade Commission took a pretty dim view of this behaviour, and have fined Samsung the equivalent of $340,000.

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